LOW PRESSURE CLEAN of your deck and application of our Double-Chemical System that consists of a combination of two chemicals, allowing us to use a much safer and more effective cleaning solution. Our advanced chemicals kill and remove algae as well as keeps protecting the wood long after that. Once the cleaning is completed we need to allow the surface to dry for 48 hours or a moisture content less than 18%.


Depending on the shape of your deck we will re-secure the entire deck including rails, repair the damaged boards, and re-nail loose nails. If it’s necessary will replace the unfixable boards with the same type of wood as existing one. **

For achieving optimum wood surface porosity and natural uniformity will sand all pre-cleaned wood using 80 – 120 grit sandpaper for vertical surfaces and 60 – 80 grit sandpaper for horizontal surfaces.


Before coating application we will cover completely the siding of the house where it is the deck, all the patios around, bushes or plants that are near by the deck.


After all the preparation procedures are completed we can apply the coating.  The coating may be applied by brush, roller or spray. The coating may be applied when the surface and air temperature is 50F to 95F and the moisture content of the wood is less than 18%.


After the coating application is done we inspect the deck and make sure that all the touch ups are done and everything is cleaned.